Seoul Fashion Week SS2015

Going to Korea, Sarah and I knew that Seoul would be very fashion forward compared to other

Sarah and I made a list of our favorite Korean designers. Seoul is quickly becoming one of the top fashion capitals alongside Paris, Milan, and New York. Seoul has their very own Seoul Fashion Week, held twice every year for Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.

Luckily for Sarah and I we were able to attend Seoul Fashion Week held at Dongdaemun Design & Culture Plaza held from October 17th through the 22nd 2014.

Lie Sang Bong


Paul & Alice

The Studio K

Our first show was by J Koo, and it was amazing. I’ve volunteered and walked the Recycled Fashion Show at OSU before, but seeing it from the audience and how the show was put together was another experience on it’s own. It felt like such a blessing to be able to sit in the stands as models walk the runway in the designer’s clothes.

My favorite line out of the four that we attended was from Lie Sang Bong’s Spring/Summer 2015 line. He created an ethereal effect with butterflies as part of his theme. Below I have found his runway clip from YouTube for your perusal. I’ve also linked the other designer’s runway lines that I’ve found online (unfortunately my mobile phone doesn’t take runway pictures without blurring out the model’s clothes. So online pictures and YouTube clips would be the better alternative! 😀

Lie Sang Bong’s YouTube clip:

J Koo’s runway pictures:

Paul & Alice’s runway pictures:

The Studio K runway clip and pictures (not their direct website):

It was amazing to see Korea’s top fashionistas gathered into one place. The only complaint we had was that a lot of people had the same style. Korea is known for their clean lines, sports inspired clothing and the newest fad……. Scuba gear clothing. Everywhere we went there were people wearing the sweaters, jackets and skirts that were made with that gear. Below I’ll insert it for your wonderful eyes.


Until next time!

-Mach & Le


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